MOBS/HKS Little Bookworm Contestants

The contest is now over and we will announce the results soon! Here are all the little bookworms and their favourite books!

Nur Dayana Insyirah (E-ein) 6 months
Seawal umur 3 bulan E-ein dah diperkenalkan dengan buku, sebab E-ein tak berapa minat dgn anak patung terutama yang berbulu macam teddy bear (dia geli agaknye hehehe..).Moga-moga minat membaca berterusan dalam diri E-ein..
Pada umur 3 bulan, E-ein suka dengan warna - warna terang dalam buku ni....tapi buku ni agak tak sesuai kerana bucunya agak tajam & memerlukan pemantauan sepanjang masa(takut tercucuk mata anak daraku yg sorang tu pulak..)
Buku yang ini pulak, favourite E-ein sampai sekarang,kat dalam buku ni ada sliding window , yang reveal colourful pictures kat dalamnya( tepi sliding window ni dah bergerigis dek digaru   E-ein !).Setakat ni, bukulah E-ein paling suka & tak penah jemu pulak tu, kalau dia tgh membaca, kita buat2 tutup buku, ni, dia marah betul!Buku ni ok, bucu bulat tetapi agak berat & kalau E-ein pegang sorang, boleh kelepek! jatuh kat muka dia...

Arman Fakhri b. Mohd Faizul Azri 7 month
The rainy day: This book belongs to Arman Fakhri, this is 1st book I got when I bought product Heinz Farley’s Rusks. This book story about the rainy day, when the rain start until to be a sunny day. This colorful book and simple story suited for babies and toddlers. I read then translate word by word to my Lil prince. Spell a letter word and show … A.. B..C.. The same time i can introduce basic object like people, animal , tree & color ~ green,red,blue...
Mama: Arman, this is a F.R.O. G =Frog ( Katak.. katak….)
Arman: akk..akkk
Mama: Which one A…. A… B.. B… C… then I sing A,B,C song…
Arman : (clap his hand)
It's funny when he finally does it because he just smiles because he is so proud of himself.I liked this book because I had a great learning experience!! I hope he learn what I said & understand later. The other collection are ABC & 123 boos. Explorer the experience & help your child develop a love of reading at every age and stage

Muhammad Ali Imran Bin Mohd Subky 10 month
Carry & Learn Numbers
This is his 1st book I bought for him. Actualy before this he already have 3 books which I got when I bought a product Heinz Farley’s Rushs. It was a story book about The Nest, The Rainy Day and The Dinosours.. He looks very interested with thats book. But, since Imran is still young to read that book, so I decide to buy this Carry & Learn Numbers for him. This is a step for him to learn about numbers. He like this books because it have a very colurful graphica& a few interested pictures. I and my husband always teach him how to count. We read & translate for him one by one. We show him 1..2..3..4..until 10. I always ask him to count anytime and anywhere. Especially when i want to take his attention.
He now can say a few numbers. Even not in full word (like 'ga' for 'tiga' or 'ma' for lima), but it already make me proud with him. I know he learn from what he hear and see.
Why is it your little bookworm’s favourite book?
-->He loves counting. And he liike to see a colourful graphics and pictures of animal inside that book.

Nur Hani Fatihah Fauzan 13months
About reading, my reading habits start when MY LITTLE PINK READING BOOK 'appear' in my womb (before this very lazy!). Since i duduk sorang & my hubby jauh di perantauan so books will be my bedmate!! Mostly buku about pregnancy n motherhood. First experience nak jadi momy la katakan.
I guess my reading habit menurun to MY LITTLE PINK READING BOOK. Orang tua-tua cakap 'terkenan'. Its a good habit after all... So MY LITTLE PINK READING BOOK memang sangat suka baca buku and also 'makan' buku... Since she was born i dah introduce her with clothe books and until now she love reading & also chewing her books. So rite now, the board book is the best for her .
Actually MY LITTLE PINK READING BOOKS love all her books. She will be very tekun while reading all her books. But I guess, her most favourite book is 'FOOD & VEGETABLES'. This is a small board book, easy for her to hold and flip. Bought this since she was 3 months. As a title, this book introduce many kind of vege & fruits with lots of colourful pics. I think she likes this book very much bcoz all the pictures look very yummy to her!

Muhammad Zaffran Rizqi 14months
I have been reading to my little boy since he was still small to incorporate the love for books like what my parents did to me and my sibs when we were small...
I have always love books all my life n esp during my pregnancy I have been craving to read books all the time instead of foods and I think it rubs into my baby genes also...=P
At first I bought him those cloth book for him and then the small board books of vege, fruits which he loves due to its bright colors and pictures...
he always shows interest in books n mags even when he was still a baby...I always use books as a tool to keep him calm in his carseat during the ride from home and back..esp to the nuresry from home and back...
I try to bring different book each time to make him occupied and not gehe likes to sit down in front of the Tv cabinet where I put all his books and pick up one by one and browse tru it..he can spend hours actually just doing this...t bored easily..usually I will have one or two book for him to read tru...
BUT now, THIS IS HIS FAVE BOOK...he likes to bring it is a lift a flap book that has all sorts of transportation eg cars, ships, bikes etc...he likes to open it over and over again..the colors are bright, the pictures are big and catch his eyes...and the book is not so heavy for him to bring on along and hold...this book was bought by his Tok Ummi for him as he lovesss transport very much like boys usually do....tq Tok Ummithis is his fave page...he always opened it and showing me.." maa..maaa. tuckk...'tuckk.'. for dump truck . or 'anker' for tanker or tractor..." or he showed me the pictures for me to tell him what is is...He loves the book very much..if given choices, he will take this book first instead of others...And my little bookie worm now is 1 year n 2mnths old and he does loves books very muchh...just like his mummy =P

Hambali Hasrat 15months
How can I convince you if I emphasises that my lil tot, Baby Hambali is a little bookworm?
Perhaps some pictures & some 'story' might convince you....
Every nook & crannies, you can catch him reading....
He has a Book Box which he prefer more than his Toy Box.
He demanded to be read every morning in the car
so it is part of his Mama's daily routine.
My Quiet Book is Baby Hambali's Favourite Book.
This book is made from cloth so it is safe & durable. Bright colours & special features in each page would surely captivate any child & motivate little hands to go busy manipulating each fine-motor skills features.
Less words is good to avoid confusion for very young child who simply unable to read yet. Merely to encourage reading for baby & toddler to be familiar on books & how to handle books.
This book is zipped along it's edge & there's a handle on the upper middle so it can be hang in a craddle, stroller & such.

Nur Riza Azzahra bt Riza Shahril (ZARA) 17months
Title: My First Book of Learning
This actually an activity book that contains every basic fun and knowledge on colours, numbers, shapes, seasons, animals and lots more. With many attractive and colorful images, my Zara just love to open n 'study' the book anywhere, anytime. Besides that, this book also have 'kaleidoscope' wheels that can be turn for even more learning fun. She love the book, love the kaleidoscope and I glad that I bought this book for her..=)

Syafi Fakhriy b Syahir Izam 18 months
The Father Seahorse Gives Birth
The educational science book is about how a father of seahorse gave birth to his babies. it is really an interesting story and very informative too..
Why does he love this book? because he likes sea creatures.. so, when i bought him this book, he was so excited. he loves to look at the pictures and listens to the story i read to him.. this is his favourite book and usually i need to read it and show him the pictures at least 2 times per day to satisfy him. i know i'm reading the same story over and over again but i do know that my syafi likes the book so much.. so i dont mind at all. the little fish is his favourite character.

Anney, 18 months
Baby Einstein language nursery
What is so special about this book? This is a board board that is suitable for baby from ages 1 months to 4 years old. It has a collection of bright and bold pictures of simple words like Star, Duck, Bear, Flower, Train, My name is.........etc in English and also 4 other different languages - French, Spanish, Japanese, Hebrew. The last page of the book comes with a non-breakable mirror and this has never failed to leave a smile on Anney's face. It is such a joy to see her laugh whenever she looks at her own reflection in the mirror. Anney's favourite word is "Baby", pointing at herself in the mirror.
Anney has learned many words from this Baby Einstein book and she is like a parrot now, repeating all the words after me. For words that she can't pronounced, she would just said "gaga" and smiled at me!

Nur Ain Qistina Binti Mohd Noor Hisham 22 Months
My First Words
This is Qistina's favourite book because it was not an ordinary book, it is a pop-up book. Everytime she open the book, every character in the book will pop-up and stand for her. Bright and colourful things in the book make her happy and love to open it again and again. Besides, it contain not only animal, human character but also represent situation like 'in the jungle', i'n the farm', 'in a birthday party' and many more. I am glad that she love this book and I love to see her talking and mumbling everytime she study the book.
But we called her littlebookworm because she just simply love all the book that we bought for her ..

Ahmad Zharfan Shah, 4 years old.
My lil bookworm has developed his love for books ever since he was a lil depicted in this pic, he was 10 months old when I snap his pose with the book!
--> truthfully, he has lots of favourite of them is as in the above pic ie "Learning Letters"...he has been able to recite ABC in sequence when he reaches 2 years old...and now he has joined reading class (Malay language under the X-tRA programme) He'll be joining Smart Reader programme after hari raya...
Oh yes, other than this book (in the pic), his other favourite book is this...Barney’s Colorful Days
Yup...all Barney series books are his fav ;)
Why is it your little bookworm’s favourite book?
-->He simply loves learning & singing ABC, and he loves cute adorable Barney as well!!
Who is your little bookworm’s favourite character in the book and why
-->Barney is his fav character, because other than books, he loves all Barney thingy like vcds, Barney songs and merchandize.

Werney, 5 years old
Charlie & Lola, I Will Never Not Ever Eat A Tomato by Lauren Child. This book features the popular Charlie & Lola of the TV cartoon series.
Being a fussy eater, I bought this book with the aim to encourage Werney to try out more foods, other than her usual french fries and sausages. It is really a funny book and Werney loves how Charlie convinced her little sister, Lola, a picky eater to try out the varieties of foods. Lola won't eat her carrots until big brother Charlie reveals that they are really orange twiglets from Jupiter. She won't eat her mashed potatoes until Charlie explains they are cloud fluff from Mount Fuji. What about eating Ocean Nibbles (for fish sticks), the food of Mermaids?
There are many, many other things that Lola absolutely will not eat, including and especially tomatoes. And yes, Werney doesn't like tomatoes too but I have convinced her that she should try everything, just like Lola.
A really well written story and the book is alive with lots of colors and imagination. Werney really enjoys this book and we read it at least a few times a week.

Winnie The Pooh Storytime Treasury - Rainy Day
The story is about it were too hot in Hundred Ache Wood and Rabbit wished that it will rain because Rabbit have a garden which is going to wit . Pooh and the other were watching the cloud while rabbit work on it garden . After awhile the cloud started to gather and it rain . They have fun watching the rain and how it change back into sunny day .
Why is it favourite book? It is because it were his favourite character Winnie The Pooh is in the book .
Who is your little bookworm’s favourite character in the book and why? (if applicable)
Winnie The Pooh because he is a bear and he is yellow . ^^

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