NEW Lamaze My First Fish Bowl (SOLD)

This bright, colorful fabric fish bowl is engaging and stimulating for young babies. Great baby's first smart baby toy gift idea! Designed by Lamaze Baby Toy Infant Development System, this innovative baby toy stimulates a whole new world of sensory exploration.

Now with safety sealed water! Each adorable oceanic creature has it's own distinct pattern, texture, and sound. Babies will soon distinguish between the plush clam, the crab that crinkles, the sea star that jingles, and the sunny-faced fish. The fish bowl has soft clear sides to view the marine life and for playing games of fishing each one out. All of the pieces are made of brightly colored fabric that cleans up quickly with a damp cloth.

Lamaze baby toy age range: 6 - 24 Months+
Selling Price : RM59.00

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