NEW Fabulous Mom Padded TShirt Nursing Bra - Betsy (SOLD)

Size 36B (Beige) - cutting is slightly small.
A padded soft foam bra cup,  seamless so that you can wear your tight stretchy tops without worrying about your nipples or seams on your bra showing.

It comes with removable underwire to suit all moms personal preference and makes it even more value added as it will always compliment your wardrobe as just a piece of normal underwire t-shirt bra after you are done with nursing!
For new moms, remove the underwire for more comfort and for extended nursing moms, you may wear it with the underwire. 2 personal choices in 1 bra.

Easy one handed release/put back hook for quick and easy nursing. To nurse, unhook, then fold the bra cup down either inwards or outwards.

Selling Price : RM50.00

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