Pre-loved Avent Feeding & Nursing Items (SOLD)

1) Avent Microwave Steam Sterilizer
In good clean used condition
Bottles not included
Just fill up with 200ml of water & microwave on high for 4 min. 
Selling Price : RM33.00(SOLD)

2) Avent Storage Bottles
In good clean used condition
5 pieces available
Selling price : RM5 each (SOLD OUT)

3) Avent Cooler Bag
In good clean used condition
This is only for the bag & ice packs (2 units)
Very compact and stylish cooler bag to transport EBM
Front magnetic button pocket. Mesh pocket inside. Elastic band inside to hold pump/bottle.
Selling Price : RM30.00 (SOLD)

4) Baby Bottle Warmer
In good clean used condition
Selling Price : RM25.00 (SOLD)

5) Medela Breastpump valve & membrance
Good used condition
Photo shows
Selling price : RM6 (SOLD)

6) Avent ISIS Breastpump Star Valve 
NEW & Used condition
This is good to have spares cos it's very small and gets lost easily.
RM5 each (SOLD OUT)

7) Avent ISIS VIA Storage system breastpump adapter
This is the blue color adapter on the breastpump. 
Brand NEW condition
Selling Price : RM5

8) Avent ISIS or IQ Uno Breastpump Diaphragm
In good used condition.
Selling Price : RM5 (SOLD OUT)

9) Avent ISIS Breastpump Spare Parts
In good condition: funnel cover (3 available), petal silicon funnel (sold out) & the seal cover (2 available)
Selling Price : RM5 each (SOLD)

10) Avent ISIS breastpump spare parts
In good condition
Selling Price : RM10 for the body(SOLD)
Selling Price : RM5 each for the handle & cover (SOLD)

11) Coleman Ice Pack - Small
In good condition. The sticker labels on the pack are gone due to wear & tear
2 ice packs available
Selling Price : RM3 each (SOLD)


Anonymous said...

available lagi tak barang ni..
(Avent ISIS Breastpump Star Valve)

Huiwearn said...

Star Valve - sold out

Anonymous said...

medela valve n membrane ada lg?

Huiwearn said...

All items sold out. Sorry.

eiysha said...

7) Avent ISIS VIA Storage system breastpump adapter

still available x? saya nak...

Huiwearn said...

All sold out