Wilton Cupcake Stands (PRE-ORDER ONLY)

Serve individually decorated cupcakes on Wilton's Cupcakes N More Dessert Stands available in a few sizes. Each stand is made from non-toxic silver-finished wire spirals to securely hold each cupcake.  Easy to assemble! Just stack each layer of cupcakes onto the locking center rod. Collapsible design stores easily and safely. 

Full payment for all items. If item is unavailable, full refund will be given. Shipping cost is flat rate for all Wilton items.

Cupcakes 'N More® 13 Count Small Dessert Stand

Selling price : RM85.00


Cupcakes 'N More® 23 Count Standard Dessert Stand

12" height and 13" width

Selling price : RM180.00



Cupcakes 'N More® 38 Count Large Dessert Stand

15" high 18" wide

Selling price : RM250.00

Cupcakes 'N More® 24 Count Mini Dessert Stand

10.5" height 9" wide

Selling price : RM98.00

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